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Are you interested in putting on the exhibition exhibition What do you mean – ‘minority’?” in your town, institution or museum? Please contact us at: 

Johanna Panse
Project manager travelling exhibition
Minderheitensekretariat der vier autochthonen nationalen Minderheiten und Volksgruppen Deutschlands


Phone: +49 (0)30 18681 14623

All important information regarding dimensions, transportation and preconditions, as well as the various options for constructing the exhibition, can be found in our exhibition brochure. The exhibition will be made available to you free of charge. Our logistics partner will assemble and dismantle the exhibition in your space, and acquaint you with the proper handling of individual modules.

Access to the exhibition venue for delivery must be level and without obstacles. The loan recipient guarantees that the exhibits will be shown in secure, climatically suitable spaces during the exhibition. The loan recipient is liable for any damage to the exhibits during the exhibition.

Visitors may not incur any additional charges for visiting the exhibition.


Basic data for exhibition space requirements:

– Rooms ideally of a minimum size of 100 m²
– A 220 volt power connection with 4-5 separate outlets
– LAN oder WLAN  Internetzugang  – Passwort sollte am Tag der Anlieferung bekannt sein
– Environment: +5° C – + 30° C and max. humidity 70 % non-conditioned

Contact form

Please contact us providing the following information:
Your proposed dates – when you wish to borrow the exhibition. Please note exhibition duration is minimum 4 weeks, maximum 6-8 weeks.