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Upper Sorbians

Sorbian online and Witaj

The focus in Sorbian language conservation was long on teaching the language to the next generation in the settlement region. For instance, there is now a network of Witaj (“Welcome”) Kindergartens at which Sorbian/Wendish is taught as a language of interaction. Children here are involved in the Sorbian/Wendish language in daily contact with Sorbian/Wendish-speaking teachers, acquiring the language by this immersive method. 

However, for Sorbian/Wendish to be preserved as an everyday language in active use, it is also important to create as broad an offering as possible of learning opportunities and avenues of access. Over recent years, digital pathways aimed at adults have therefore also been increasingly developed. One of these is the multipart language course “Sorbian online”, which can be taken in Upper or Lower Sorbian at a range of language levels online, and which is enjoying increasing popularity even outside Lusatia. 

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